Start Planning Your Minneapolis/St Paul Construction Projects Now !!!

When the ground is frozen, and the ground is covered with snow, its hard for homeowners to envision their construction projects underway. We tend to make the mistake of pushing back planning until the temperature rises above 40/50 degrees.

Our phone in late March/April rings off the hook with customers wanting to know the same thing;


Unfortunately for the majority, they are informed that we are booked for months in advance, and although we try to accommodate everyone within there timelines, it's an impossible feat to get to everyone first thing in the spring.

Good contractors are always busy, so its essential to start planning your projects in advance so that your timelines can be satisfied.

All construction projects, large or small require time and planning before any work commences. In some cases the work and time required prior to construction can be significant. It can take weeks for the estimating and design process, permitting and zoning etc, so its crucial to start the planning process early.

Integrity Construction & Exteriors Inc.