Minneapolis/St Paul Job Site Dust Control

Recently on one of our jobs in Minneapolis, our customer seemed amazed about the level of care we took to control the dust during their project. Its always nice to hear this, as we do take dust control very seriously, for a number of reasons;

  1. Health Benefits
  2. Productivity
  3. Respecting Our Clients Homes
  4. Professionalism !!

Integrity implemented serious dust control a number of years ago, and for us, this started at the source of the dust.......The tools !

We invested heavily in a brand of tools called Festool that incorporated dust control into virtually every one of their tools. Wether it's the saws, sanders, routers, or whichever tool we are using to perform the necessary task, we connect them to a Hepa rated vacuum, and the results are truly outstanding. We can literally set up shop in your home or business, and you'd be none the wiser we were ever there !

We literally had our miter saw set up in the spare bedroom, cutting crown molding, and the dust was virtually zero. She was amazed.

Lets face it, construction projects can be intrusive and disruptive undertakings, and we understand this, and thats why we take the measures we do to control dust. We don't want that thin layer of dust covering your whole house when we leave, as it's not only time costuming to clean, but not healthy to breathe. 

Customers no longer have to accept the dust thats always been associated with remodeling projects.....For Integrity, dustless, clean environments are standard, and our customers love it. 

Integrity Construction & Exteriors Inc.